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The Root - Empower

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The Root gives you an opportunity integrate your shadow self in a deep and meaningful way. Gently allowing to unearth all that no longer serves you; traumas of all natures, programs, limiting beliefs and to find acceptance and forgiveness, to bring them forth to the light so that they can become neutral in their energy, disempowering the things that stand in you way so that you can truly heal and become more empowered and a more whole and embodied version of your soul. The Root Chakra is a complex energy centre that anchors us into the 3rd Dimension where we tend to let fear rule us. In balance the root brings a sense of empowered masculine energy, it fuels and fires us up. It allows us to feel safe and secure. Empowered. Whole. Strong and Stable. Out of balance we can feel ungrounded, unstable, easily triggered, reactive, our emotions can feel out of control, blocked, fearful, stuck in survival mode, we can become addictive and out of balance. We can carry victim consciousness. Our root holds all of our experiences, the beautiful ones and the wounds. Somehow though we refuse to accept the wounds, the triggers, traumas and limiting beliefs and they affect our behaviour, our emotions, our physical self and our energy body. This program utilizes several of the most powerful tools I have channeled through from the Spirit Guides in session and allows you to truly heal and transform the way these events have affected you. It will transform your fear into freedom.

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