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Lightworkers Retreat

Replenish, Reconnect, Shine Brightly

Hello Beautiful Lightworkers, Healers and Caregivers. We see you, you are such a beautiful shining light in our world and we want to create space to bring some of you together to immerse in nature, replenish, fill your cup and to allow yourself to receive. So often it is the beautiful souls dedicated to serving others who need a little time to slow down and offer oneself the same tenderness and magic that we offer to others!

The week end will nourish you with delicious vegan food, sound journeys, sharing circles, yoga, energy healing, cacao, music, cold water therapy, hot sauna and magic!

We are hoping to co create the week ends magic with one another and if your heart is calling you to join there will be space for you to share your gifts with the group as well. Creating a beautiful exchange with one another allowing us to give a little and receive a whole lot of healing, expansion and replenishment. An opportunity to connect to each other share openly and authentically and to fill each others cups and hearts. Creating space for the lightworkers to connect deeply to their passions and to move forward grounded and excited to harness their power and be a beautiful light for this earth!

Come and Share your Magic
Receive the Magic of Others
Ground and Connect to Self and Soul
Tend to the Light Within

Tiffany Mailloux

Reiki Master, Psychic, Medium

Tiffany is a Reiki Master of over 10 years, a psychic and a medium, she easily connects to our Spirit Guides and loved ones passing on their messages, helping you to connect to them more deeply and open your own intuition further, all while performing energy healing and allowing the guides to take her exactly where she needs to be, exactly where you need to be to heal the wounds of your past - be it childhood, a previous life or last week and everything in between and exactly how to move through this to release and create real growth. 

She is a conduit between the physical world and the spiritual allowing you to move through dimensions, connect to your own magic, heal yourself, grow and embody love. 

Allow nature to nurture your soul


Eagles Nest Sanctuary

The perfect place for your journey.

The sanctuary for our journey together will be in Shawnigan Lake, alongside the Koksilah River surrounded by sacred forests with facilities that honour all of the beauty around them. Sleeping arrangements will be dormitory style, meals will be shared together. There will be opportunities to take a cold plunge in the river, a warm soak in the hot tub and a deep release in the sauna.

You deserve this replenishing week end! 

This Lightworkers
Retreat week end investment:

An opportunity to tend to your inner light

Investment: $399

Includes delicious vegan meals, dormitory style accommodations, workshops, healing sessions, and gift. 

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