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Time for Reflection

Rather then set a bunch of 'resolutions' I thought it would be more nurturing to do some reflection as we go into the New Year. I have complied a list of nine questions, please take some time to carefully go through answering them from your heart. If you are inclined write your answers down,go ahead and do so. If not just take some time for yourself to reflect. 

1. What am I grateful for this year? 

2. What did I heal this year?

3. What did I ignore? 

4. What broke my heart?

5. What filled my heart with love and happiness?

6. How did I live my truth in 2017?

7. How will I love myself more in 2018?

8. What do I want to leave behind in 2017?

9.  What do I want to bring forward into 2018?

And if you feel that it is the right time; set an intention for the year ahead. Make sure that it is clear enough to move forward yet open enough to allow everything that needs to flow to you to come in. Often we have our heart and minds set so specifically on what we think we want that we close the door on wonderful opportunities before they even have a chance to come forth. 

All the best in the New Year! 

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