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Current Reiki Offerings!

I am so grateful to be able to share Reiki with you all!

Let me count the ways:

Reiki One: Sept 30th at my Studio

Reiki Two: Oct 28th & Nov 4th (2 days) at my Studio

Spirit Session: Oct 5th at Sunrise Wellness / Imaginal Mind and Body in Maple Bay

Come and meet your spirit guides, ask them any questions general or personal and enjoy a guided meditation. The evening will be led by Spirit so the format could change but most important will be the opportunity for you to ask questions.

New: Distance Attunement - An attunement is the sacred ceremony that a Reiki Master uses to open a student up to be able to channel Reiki energy. This instantly raises the vibration of the student and connects them to healing energies and often deepens their intuitive connection.

Perfect for Reiki Practioners who feel they have 'lost their Reiki', want to channel a higher frequency of energy, those who would like to strengthen their spiritual connection, deepen their intuition or raise their vibration.

Attunements are only available to Reiki Practioners who have already been attuned and up to the highest level completed.

And ofcourse Sessions both in person and via video conferencing which is available most evenings and some week ends.

Please feel free to email if you feel called to join or have a session.

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