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Taking Care

North America and us as it’s inhabitants are undergoing an incredible transformation. We can see it and we can feel it, and much like any transformation it can feel intense and uncomfortable. We aren’t quite sure how it will turn out or what it will look like. Uncertainty can feel scary. It can also be exciting, it can also be intentional, it can also be empowering and beautiful.

How do we root into the latter rather then get swept away? We reflect on what is truly important to us, we root into excellent self care. We face life head on with an open heart and an open mind, allowing ourselves to learn and evolve while carrying our ultimate intentions with us.

What does this truly look like? In 3D? It looks like journaling, like setting intentions and finding gratitude. It looks like moving your body, both for exercise and for the joy of it. It looks like taking quiet time to reflect, breath and meditate. It looks like finding support in any way you need it (energy healing, therapy, support groups) It looks like finding joy and love while also being willing to acknowledge and accept the shadow aspects of life, it looks like creating healthy boundaries that support your growth and allowing yourself to adjust them as needed, it looks like still allowing yourself to dream, and make those dreams come true! It looks like finding aligned ways to be of service and to participate in things that truly matter to you out of the sheer willingness and joy of volunteering or helping. It looks like spending time in nature, it looks like pampering yourself.

It can look so different for each person but most importantly, it is what your heart is yearning for you to do to fill it up.

The world is crazy and it will likely get crazier over the next year or so, so please please take extra good care of yourself and take time to tune in rather then tune out.

So much love from my heart to yours,



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