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So much goodness!

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am forever channeling and creating and it feels like it has all been a bit all over so I wanted to remind you all of my podcast, its been so fun to step into this medium and let the energy flow and I wanted to share it again here:

Its also available other places you may be enjoying podcasts so please check to see, I know that there are others and I have been trying to search them but as the app that I use to make the podcast was just purchased by Spotify it is going through a bit of a facelift :)

These episodes are bits and pieces that I see in session, in life, messages from the guides, channeling quantum healings and meditations, full moon transmissions and so much more all shared to support you and remind you that you are not alone here on earth. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and that can be and mean so many things for each of us... and in it all I have the privilege of being able to work with so many people, it allows me to learn so much and to see different patterns moving through the collective and allows us to zoom out so that we can make the most of the energies that flow through all of us here on earth.

Life is meant to be full of many experiences and taken lightly. We are all here playing so lets find the supports that we can to make the game a little more fun, a little more gentle and full of grace. To use the challenges and intensities to our advantage and to ultimately be the truest expression of our soul living in presence as possible!

Much love to you all!

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