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Spiritual Entities Threaten Mental Health

Last week many people shared personal stories to bring awareness to mental health, something that is a much more open topic then ever before and I wanted to share some of my experiences here as well. . I have been working as an energy healer, psychic and medium for over two years (officially) and people often come in because they are feeling ‘off’ feeling like a dark cloud is hovering over them, like they are much darker then usual, perhaps they are suffering from anxiety or depression or something that has them feeling down, off or unlike themselves. . And when I see them almost always they have picked up some sort of spiritual attachment, this could be a spirit who hasn’t moved on, a spirit from the darkness or another entity. And the crazy thing is that when the person arrives they are wondering what is wrong with ‘them’ but really they are being manipulated by an energy that isn’t theirs. - I know this sounds out there, and perhaps right now you are questioning my mental health 😉 so I will share a few examples: . I worked with a woman who had what I could see as a Big Black Crow (I feel that I see the representation of it so that I can relate it to my clients and to myself) that was picking away at such a beautiful soul and causing her massive anxiety since she she was just a child, she had picked it up from her childhood home. We cleared it and I gave her tools to clear herself and keep that away. Her anxiety improved immensely! I won’t take full credit as it still comes and goes but it has improved! . Another woman came to see me who said she was feeling the lowest she had ever felt and was having strange dark thoughts out of no where, when I connected to her I could see the darkest thing I had ever seen that I can only describe as a preying mantis hovering over her, we were able to clear it and she felt immediately lighter, the dark thoughts left and she revealed that she had smoked DMT at a park and I could see that was where she picked up that attachement- we need to be so careful of what we do and where when we are opening our souls up! . Another woman came and had been feeling super off and had recently been house shopping, Somewhere along the lines she had picked up the spirit of an elderly lady who wasn’t harmful at all, yet wasn’t supposed to be there and was making her feel heavy, like pressure was holding her down. We cleared it super easily and she felt immediately better! . I could tell stories like this all day! I have some more that are too complex to type and many that were simple and easy but at the end everyone left feeling so much better. And it’s important to be aware of, how many people aren’t open to the idea of energy clearing and healing, how many people are unaware of what could be hitching a free ride on their energy body and having a very negative, very real effect on them? It may not be the answer to everyone’s personal struggles but it is certainly an avenue worth exploring - it only takes one session to clear something and you can absolutely do it yourself! In fact you must clear it yourself as it is your free will at stake but that is for another post 🙂 . I hope in sharing these stories I have opened your mind to another level of self care, healing and growth, no one should have to live with something attached to them! . I have lots of experience in this as do most energy healers, if you are wanting to work with someone in your area just ask them if they have experience in this, if you want to work with me I am always here! And if your having troubles paying for a session please still reach out and I can share some info to help you to clear it on your own. Much love from my heart to yours Xo Tiffany

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