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Spring Infusions

The spring is such an amazing time of renewal, flowers bloom, trees blossom and herbs that have been hibernating here in the pacific northwest come back to life offering fresh greens and herbs that are just begging to remineralize our bodys!

My favourite way to do this is by picking the herbs that I encounter in my yard or while out walking and adding them all to a spring infusion. Above is a sample of todays treasures at the top maple blossoms which offer a gentle maple flavour, to the right the first signs of horsetail full of silica to aid in strong bones, to the left of that chickweed a small but mighty herb full of vitamins and minerals and very effective at removing mucous from the body, on the very bottom some lemon mint which is soothing and nourishing to the body especially the digestive system, at the far left you see some of the last bits of green lungwart a powerful lung herb that I used this winter to treat a lung infection but will also aid in the general health and vitality of the lungs and in the middle plantain while also being very nutritious it also works to soothe and heal the digestive system.

To make an infusion you simply need to add the herbs to a jar or teapot, pour just under boiling hot water over it and allow to steep and infuse for as long as you can before drinking.

Enjoy remineralizing!!

From my heart to yours,


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