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5 Reasons to use Turmeric for Our Four Legged Friends


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Turmeric can be a really beneficial yet inexpensive and practical addition to our pets diet, I have used it extensively with both my dogs and cats. Here are some reasons why I love it:

1. It is a powerful anti inflammatory. This makes it a great choice for your pet as they age to help with joint and ligament pain as

well as arthritis. It is also highly beneficial for pets with sensitive skin. Personally my pooch falls under both categories of sensitive skin and having torn both cruciate ligaments will be a candidate for early onset arthritis, and while I have changed her diet to be optimized for her I also notice a big difference in taking the turmeric for her pain and skin. While I include a small amount in her diet I often make sure she has extra after or before long walks and hikes. It works by reducing the inflammation, which is the cause of all pain. Medical studies have actually shown the Curcumin in Turmeric works better then a painkiller at controlling and preventing the spread of arthritis. Studies also show that it can help to prevent bone loss and has a positive effect on bone development. It also works to inhibit harmful enzymes that can cause the degradation of cartilage and cause inflammation.

2. It is a great immune booster. And one of my go-tos whenever I feel sick, why wouldn't I also use it for my pets? You can read here about how it helped me kick the H1N1 here . The curcumin (turmerics magical ingredient) acts as an immune stimulant and helps to stimulate the response of anti bodies giving them the extra support they may need.

3. It is a powerful anti-oxidant helping keep our pets young and full of vitality

4. It is anti - microbial and helps to heal the gut. Lets face it dogs can eat some gross stuff and while their stomachs are designed to digest most nasty stuff a little herbal help could really go a long way with todays pampered pooches!

Fresh Turmeric

5. It works to stimulate and protect the liver.

Turmeric has been getting so much attention lately and these are just a handful of reasons why it is great for your pets. I love it because is safe and easy to administer. I mix with coconut oil or bacon grease and my dog just laps it up off a plate, the cats had to be fed by syringe but aren't cats always a little more difficult? You can also simply sprinkle it on their food, bake it into treats or make it into a paste. The benefits are best utilized by adding black pepper. Some people have reported that it makes their pets smelly and while you may not be Phoebe from Friends looking to write a classic song like 'smelly cat' you can remedy this by adding some cinnamon! Also a little really goes a long way, it is recommended to begin with 1/4 tsp 2-3 times a day.

It is completely safe to use with glucosamine.

Fresh Turmeric Root

Of course as with any herbal remedy, quality is important. Feel free to begin with whatever you have in your spice rack but if you are serious make sure to buy a high quality organic turmeric. I also love to use fresh when it is available - fresh is always best and apparently many of the cheapest forms of turmeric powder are thinned with other organic materials.... Yikes! When your using fresh you can tell exactly what your getting, but if you don't have access to it a high quality dried is great too!

Because we need to take care of ALL our family members!

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