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Inspiration Strikes and New Herbal Products are Born!

At the beginning of the year I wrote a list of remedies I wanted to add to the shop and I can assure you that hardly any of them ended up happening. Then I had a beautiful baby boy who has been a dream, though keeping up with my two year old daughter while caring for a baby and running a business slowed me down a little. But that actually lead to me realizing that the best way isn't necessarily to run a business in such a traditional way, it lead me to desire my herbal business to be lead by the seasons, lead by the abundance that is around me and lead by my own intuition. So slowly throughout the year I was inspired to create various items and add them to the Nettle Co. repertoire. While I will still carry the majority of what is usually on the site you are likely to see more seasonal items as well. Of course I am guided by you as well and the things you would like to see and what you continue to use! Also as the baby gets older I am finding more time to dedicate to blogging and I would love to hear what you would like to see in this space so please comment, email or catch me on Facebook or Instagram (whatever you prefer) and let me know!

Here are some of our newest offerings:

Blackberry Lip Balm

Pear Lip Balm

Calendula & Cornflower Clay Face Mask

Rose and Comfrey Clay Face Mask

Flower Power Tea Blend

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