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Rosehips, fall time medicine.

Rosehips are powerful little beauties containing 50% more vitamin C then oranges, a single tablespoon of the pulp contains more then 60 mg which is the daily allowance for an adult. All of that Vitamin C along with Vitamin A make it great for your immune system. It is loaded with antioxidants making it a favourite in the beauty industry for topical applications but it is also super useful internally as well and is actually known as an anti cancer herb and anti aging. In Europe it has long been used to treat inflammation and is a great addition to any pain management especially in regards to rheumatoid and also osteoarthritis. Make sure to harvest after the first frost as the cold actually helps to make their benefits more bio availabale to the body. I always remove the dark leafy part on the bottom and dry them for tea and smoothies though you could also freeze them. I picked these guys yesterday on Vancouver Island so there is still time to harvest in the Pacific Northwest!  

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