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Now Offering Reiki

So for the last almost two years I have been offering herb information and products here on this site with just a line or so mentioning that I am a Reiki Master as well. The truth is I have been doing Reiki for nearly 10 years but didn't feel the pull to teach it until very recently. Now I am wanting to share this gift and hopefully help to empower others and even bring about a community of healers.

Reiki literally translates to Universal Life Force Energy and during your Level One Course you will receive an attunement that will directly connect you to Reiki causing your vibration to raise and giving you the ability to channel Reiki and heal yourself and others (animals love Reiki too!) Traditionally Level One will raise your vibration to channel energy to heal physically, Level Two will bring about emotional healing and Level Three brings out a deep spiritual healing, though I am finding that as the planet and mass consciousness raise its vibration we are seeing stronger and stronger energies coming through at all levels.

Reiki is an incredible tool to spark or deepen your spiritual connection, and when you begin this journey you will find deeper levels of healing within yourself allowing that which does not serve you to fall by the wayside.

You may find yourself becoming more in tune with yourself and the energies around you. You may find yourself listening and trusting your own intuition more, you may find meditation easier, you may find Reiki adding a whole new level to setting intentions, you may find it adding whole new dimensions to your life and allowing great spiritual growth.

Once I began this journey I wanted to keep on learning and exploring and that led me to a masters level in traditional Usui Reiki as well as a Masters Level in Karuna, Tera Mai, Seichim and probably another that I can't remember the name of. I have come to see that many cultures have their own form of hands on energy healing and it has various names though it is all has the same effects. I then went on to experiment and just allow myself to be intuitively guided as to how I give and use Reiki, I think as the energies on our planet change so to do the types of energy we can channel and use to heal, allowing deeper levels of healing and higher levels of spiritual growth and connection to source energy (call it whatever you like) Ultimately I will teach you the foundation, give you the building blocks but encourage you to shape it into your own. Allowing you to intuitively perform sessions on yourself and others.

Now that can sound intimidating if you are not used to listening to your own intuition; not to worry! Reiki will help! Just trust that it will.

My first class will be offered on Friday November 4th and will begin at 10am - 2/3 depending.

We will have a follow up class on Saturday November 5th from 10-2.

Cost is $150

Please email me to reserve your spot.


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