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Please Be Kind to your Amazing Body!

Did you read the title? Its true!! Your body is amazing!

I truly believe that your bodies are designed to heal itself - no matter how stong the disease. So why do so many people stuggle with health issues? Because we aren't very kind to our bodies. We live in a society that says 'I eat McDonalds all the time and I'm fine' 'My uncle chain smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and he lived to be 94!' 'Its ok, theres a pill for that' We know that our cars need proper fuel and regular oil changes to function properly yet we think that grabbing whatever convienince food is nearby and shoving it into our faces is ok, and will go with out reprecussion. And for the most part its true, our bodies will filter and eliminate most toxins... but for how long?

Eventually our bodies become weakened garbage dumps trying to deal with the toxins and there is no energy left to heal. We need to feed our bodies the right fuel or building blocks in order for it to function properly and even better if we want to heal and prevent disease. That truly should be our goal is to create a body so healthy that it can deal with disease at the first signs. Our body is constantly fighting to keep us healthy and well and the least we can do is give it a healping hand with proper nutrition and herbs. That is why I love Nettles so much and add them to most of my products. They are Natures multi vitamin and the more often that we can infuse our bodies with vitamins and minerals the better off we are! Its important to remember that when you are unwell that truly is the first step, making sure that your body is properly nourished. You can take additional herbs for medicine but with out the proper nutrition our bodies will be slow to heal. If we do miracles can happen! Our body is truly amazing and as long as its energy isn't wasted by constantly flushing junk out it will have the energy to fight disease of all types.

Years ago I received 'The Handbook of Alternatives to Chemical Medicine' by Mildred Jackson and Terri Teague and was blown away by the story of a woman who was healed of leukemia by following a specific juice diet for 3 weeks. The juice was designed to nourish her body, and allowed it to heal as it was not using very much energy to digest food. The juice was also specificly fruits and vegetables that did not feed cancer. But how amazing is that!!!

This plan is not always fool proof, I know that tradgedy can strike but lets look to the east, lets look at Ayurveda or Chinese medicine systems that have been using herbs and plants to heal their people for over 5000 years. Lets look at our own lives and see where we can acheive a greater balance, what can we do to ensure our bodies are properly nourished? What can we do to make sure our mind is properly nourished? And our Spirit? and lets make sure that we drink plently of herbal tea!

(This is my Vitali-tea which is so full of absorbable iron that while pregnant my Iron levels actually increased because I was drinking this regularily! )

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