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What we came across while walking:

I thought today I would share with you a little walk that I went on with my two favorite girls, my daughter and my doggie:

We found a few nettles, these were a great find as they were still so young and tender, I love to harvest nettles in all of their growth stages, from young and fresh to mature and seeding, each stage offers different benefits and I feel that using them this way creates a more whole and complete remedy. Most of the nettles out now have been topped by the Elk, something must make them tasty now even though if I am eating them I prefer then nice and tender like this one here:

Baby Stinging Nettle

We also found some very tasty huckleberries that my daughter thought were so much fun to pick! These berries and rich in antioxidants and a tea made of the leaves can help reduce the inflammation in the body caused by allergies.

Red Huckle Berry

Where we are there is always lots of Vanilla leaf, to be honest I have never harvested this but it is said to be very aromatic and vanillay when dried and as a tea. It has also been used by the natives for years as an insect repellant, either dried and hung in door ways or rubbed directly onto the skin. I have also heard that it can be helpful in soothing nettle stings.

Vanilla Leaf

Thanks for joining us on our walk! Take Care!

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