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St Johns Wort - Herbs that make you Happy

Pictured above is St. Johns or St. Joans Wort. This herb is a primary example of how the herbs that we need the most are growing all around us. I took these photos of some very happy St. Johns Wort growing out here on Vancouver Island and it is no secret that we have some very wet, grey weather all winter long - but look at what grows in such abundance: the perfect herb for treating seasonal depression! Countless studies have been conducted and there is no denying the fact that this herb is effective. So effective that generally it is not recommended for any other use, though it can be useful for anxiety and insomnia.

There is one other use that is recommended by famous herbalist Susun Weed and that is for muscle spasms; she instructs to use 15 - 20 drops every few hours as needed claiming that it enters the nerve endings and works like a chiropractic adjustment. I trust her completely but have never seen it used so cannot comment on that particular use myself. It is also worth noting that it can interfere with certain types of medication, birthcontrol pills being the most common and also that it can cause a sensitivity to the sun though this is quite rare.

Interesting to read that when taken internally it can make us more sensitive to the sun because when applied externally in the form of an oil or salve it can actually be used like a sunscreen, with the best effects seen when used over time. The oil can also be used to treat joint and nerve pain, the herb will penetrate and help to releive and treat pain, especially in the hands and wrists.

You can find this St. Johns Wort in hot and disturbed areas, these plants were all found growing through the cracks of concrete as you can see below. They love full sun and lots of direct heat.

The Bumble Bees love them too! I could not believe how many bees were out! Made me SO happy to see those little fuzz balls in such abundance!

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