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Herbal Help: Reduce Stress and Anxiety Part 2 Nervine Herbs

There is also a range of Nervine Herbs that help to nourish our nervous system allowing us to better handle stress.


Passionflower is an incredible herb in that it will actually help to rebuild and repair your nervous system. It also helps with sleep, relaxation and stress and is a great tonic for the heart.


Seems counterintuitive to use a herb that makes your kitty friend go crazy to calm and relax your nerves but that is just what it does. It is calming to the mind, body and to the tummy. Catnip is not recommended for pregnant women; though it is very safe for babies and can be used to calm digestive upsets, colic, gas and as a mild pain killer. Catnip is also nourishing for your immune system.


Rose can be used in tea or tincture form as a mild sedative to calm the body. It is also a mild anti-depressant. The rose hips that can be harvested in the fall and drank in tea are also great for stress relief and for nourishing the immune system.

Lemon Balm:

Lemon Balm is a mild nervice that is safe to use long term. It is great as a nourishing tea and especially beneficial in tincture form as a sleep aid. It works strongly if taken directly before going to bed and is especially beneficial as you won't be woken up due to a full bladder as you would if you had drunk a cup of tea before trying to go to sleep! This herb will also promote relaxation especially within your muscles.


Oatstraw is an incredibly nourishing plant and is particularly helpful for nourishing your nervous system. It is safe to take daily and I recommend you do so in the form of a tea. Oatstraw is also high in calcium and safe for babies.

Brahmi is an incredible brain tonic that I discovered in India. It helps the brain to be calm, clear and focused. I have used it for a 3 pm pick me up, a study aid, memory aid or for more serious conditions like to help with ADD/ADHD. The way this herb calms and clears the mind is so beneficial.


Now we're calling out the big guns! Valerian is a potent anti anxiety that I recommend you take in a tincture form. This is effective for immediate relief and will calm the nerves and relieve anxiety. It is also a very effective sleep aid. This herb should be used for 'emergency' type of situations and is not recommended for more then a few weeks use at a time.

Some products that I sell to help with Stress and Anxiety include:



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