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Herb Profile: Calendula - Calendula officinalis

This wonderous little flower was the first herb that we looked at when I began studying herbs. I noted that an infusion tasted sweet and floral at first with a bitter bite at the end... so basically like a flower!

This flower meant to be picked while it is still slightly sticky is a miraculous healer; while a tincture can be cleansing to the liver and blood as well as stimulating to the immune system my favorite applications are as an infusion and used in oils and salves.

Calendula is a powerful tissue healer! I use it in both my Calm Balm as a healing agent and my Healing Salve which is basically a natural polysporin; it has the capability of closing and healing a wound ranging from a scratch or burn to deep keloid scarring very quickly by helping to speed the cellular healing. So much so that you must use caution in ensuring the wound is clean or you could end up closing in infection or dirt!

This flower is also antiseptic.

This is wonderful used topically but also applies to an internal application when used as an infusion or tea it will help to heal moucus membranes especially in the stomach and bowel being particularily helpful during a non life threatening allergic reaction like an accidental gluten consumption or something of that nature. It will help to heal the damage caused and restore the stomach and bowel.

Honorable mention for the use of an infusion as an eye wash is much deserved. You can use a cottonball to gently rub your eyes for a soothing and healing effect.

It also makes a beautiful insect repellent when growing in the garden, just make sure to plant it somewhere that it can spread as it like to take over!

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