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7 ways to add herbal tea to your life that isn't tea!

I love tea, and beleive that herbal teas and infusions are a wonderful way to get the benefits of herbs into your body in an easily absorbable form but I know that not everyone loves tea the way I do so I thought I would compile a list of suggestions to help encourage others to reap the benefits of adding amazing vitamins, minerals and healing compounds to our bodies!

1. Iced Tea - Perhaps you don't enjoy a cup of hot tea but you would if it were cold and sweetened with honey! Just make a large pot, cool and put in the fridge so you can enjoy a glass for a thirst quenching healing beverage.

2. Smoothies - Again you can keep a jug in the fridge or make iced cubes to add to your morning or any other time of the day smoothie instead of plain water, you would be adding a real superfood kick!!

3. Ice Pops - I often blend my Vitali-Tea with berries and honey and make iced pops for my daughter Ava, these are particularily great for sore throats but also for hot days, some days Little A would eat 3 or more a day, feel free to customize these anyway you like, with yogurt for a creamy pop or any variety of fruits to create the flavor combination you prefer.

4. Iced Cubes / Tea Aid - Before having my daughter I made a strong brew of herbal tea and added lemon, honey, a pinch of pink salt and a couple calcium tablets to create what my midwife called 'labor aid'. As ofcourse I didn't know when I would need it I froze it into an ice cube tray and would add a few cubes to water during labor and for a few weeks after for an extra hydration boost to your water.

5. Savory Dishes - You could add nettle tea to cooking rice, or soup, spagetti etc. Nettle taste green and slightly like spinach so you can determine the amount you add based on taste.

6. Homemade Kombucha - You will need a black tea base but you can also add herbs to your brew and ferment us some healthy gut flora! I will do a post on how to make this but for now you can google it.

7. Mix it Up - You could always thin out some fruit juice with an herbal tea or get really daring and concoct an herbal cocktail if you dare! If you go the route of a cocktail please drink in moderation! ;)

Please feel free to share your favorite way to enjoy tea in the comments or on facebook!

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