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Elderberry Syrup for a Superhuman Immune System!

The leaves are changing color, the crisp air is settling in and where I am on Vancouver Island the rain is pouring; as I write this a torrential downpour is soaking the earth and we are snuggled in warmed by the heat of the wood stove. It feels like Fall came fast and furiously this year, after what felt like a never ending summer I was happier then the salmon to see the rain come and the air cool down along with it. I am now seven months pregnant so for this regular sun worshipper to be so happy for fall is saying something!

With this weather change often comes flu season, we all feel it and some probably rush out to get their annual flu shot. I've never been a flu shot kind of girl. Luckily my Momma raised me to eat healthy and I have developed a strong immune system and recently I found a magical potion that has helped to keep that immunity strong despite lack of sleep, a slightly imbalanced diet, and the general care that we once took for ourselves before children came along...

That magical potion is Elderberry Syrup, this deliciously sweet and spicy syrup is full of vitamins A, B, C, magnesium, iron and is loaded with anti oxidants to help attack those free radicals stealing our youth and vitality! It helps to rid the body of mucous, and can promote sweating to also help irradicate virus.

This super berry increases the efficiency of the body by managing the high and low swings that are common within the organ system, and has been said to help reconnect and rebalance that which is broken. Sounds amazing right?

This anti viral, anti inflammatory and anti cancer herb is strong enough to kill the H1N1 virus in test tube labs and was used to irradicate a flu epidemic in Panama in 1995. And while this powerful medicine has strong effects it is completely safe for babies, the elderly, the infirm and those with serious autoimmune conditions.

I call it the peoples medicine!!

And it is now in stock on the website and will be available for the next two weeks at the Honeymoon Bay Outdoor Market.

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