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Product Profile: Liver Aid

Happy Fall everyone! Once Autumn sets in I always begin to think of cleansing, most of us aren't all that great to our Livers during the summer whether it's indulging in juicy burgers, too many adult beverages or both; its always good to give yourself a little spruce during the Fall. It will especially help to prepare you for all of the celebrating you will hopefully be doing in the upcoming holiday season!

Liver Aid tonic I use a blend of Dandelion and Milk Thistle; here is why: A tincture is a really easy way to help your liver as you only need to take a dropperful or two a day and forget about it until tomorrow, its great for those who aren't tea drinkers, or aren't regular tea drinkers. And of course best results will come if you also try to eat a healthy whole foods diet and drink plenty of water. In my

Dandelion is a wonderful herb that has benefits found in each element of it. In this tincture it was used for its liver cleansing properties that are found strongly in the root and moderately in its leaves. Interestingly the flowers also aid in pain relief while the sap is antibacterial and anti fungal. The leaves are an alkalizing diuretic and great blood and lymphatic cleaners. They also help you to absorb calcium. The seeds are an antibacterial that work strongly on the lungs.

Milk Thistle is a powerful herb that will protect, detoxify and help to regenerate new cells for the liver. It also helps the body to deal with ongoing pollutants.

It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women to do any strong detoxing.

Remember that even if you weren't indulging your liver filters everything that goes through your body, including contaminants from our air, water and food. Not only outside pollutants but also excess hormones etc produced by our own bodies so our livers are always working hard for us! The least we can do is add some herbs to help it do so more efficiently.

Also did you know that energetically your liver stores anger? If you've been having any excess anger or feeling of that nature it may be a good time to cleanse as well, and it is also good to be aware that angry feelings can arise when we are cleansing our livers, but it sure is better to say good bye to them then to have them bottled up any longer!

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