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Be patient! Allow natural remedies time to work!

​We all want a quick fix, many of us have been taught to seek one out through the allopathic medical system but those pills etc. often don't actually work to fix the root of the problem, they simply mask the symptoms. Because we no longer are coughing etc. we think we are better when really our body is still fighting hard on the inside and we often aren't giving it the rest it needs to heal itself.

And here is the real important take away; our bodies are designed to restore balance and heal themselves.

Its true, despite what the medical community will tell you; we are not poorly designed or flawed in any way. We do not have bodies waiting to 'break down' or fail us.

We are a whole being that is designed to cleanse and heal themselves.

We just don't often support our body enough and then it falls ill or in a state of disease. And this can take time, you often don't wear your body down in a day yet we all hope to heal it in a day when in reality this is very unlikely. We often need to take some time to be mindful of what we are eating and drinking, to ensure we are getting enough fresh air and that our blood gets pumping (exercise), that we are nurturing our spirits, and when we realize that there is a possible condition that we seek treatment for that we allow herbs, nutrition or another natural remedy to become integrated in our bodies. We need to allow our bodies to use this medicine to find balance and trust that while sometimes miracles do happen, generally we need to be patient and trust our body to restore itself.

Some herbal remedies such as using Brahmi for mental clarity or Valerian for anxiety releif can work almost instantaneous. But delving deeper into whatever could be bringing you stress we also know that passionflower used overtime will actually help to rewire your nervous system. And ofcourse there is going to be some innerwork related as well that can take any amount of time. Remember that herbs can help our bodies but we need to do the work for our minds and spirits as well. We know that if we are using a combination of Wormwood, Black Walnut and Cloves to clean out any internal parasites it is going to take at least 6 weeks for it to work. As I mentioned in my previous post about Endometriosis, it can take 6 months to effectively balance your hormones.

We need to recongize that some issues require more time then others; in reality we should be allowing 4 - 6 weeks for any natural remedy to work, or 2 weeks before we give up. Some remedies aren't going to be 'the one' for us but at about the two week marker you should be noticing some sort of difference and will be able to tell if it is agreeing with you. Just stay patient and allow it to continue to work. Be kind and patient with herbs and natural remedies, most importantly be kind and patient with yourself.

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