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New Herb and Honey Lollies!

So happy to announce the arrival of two new Lollipop Creations to the Nettle Co. arsenal of flu season fighters! There are two new Honey based Lollipop flavours in the shop:

Licorice and Ashwagandha:

Licorice Root has many benefits; Nettle Co added it to these lollies for its ability to balance adrenal hormones and help the nervous and endocrine systems to reduce stress and fight depression by keeping cortisol levels in check. It is also great for the digestive system as it helps heal ulcers, relieves heartburn and indigestion, lowers stomach acid levels and soothes irritation, inflammation and spasms of the digestive tract. Not only does it help with all of these but it is also great for the immune system and very soothing to the respiratory tract helping to sooth soreness, fight infection of the throat, reduce irritation and inflammation of the lungs while loosening mucus in the airways and relaxing any bronchial spasms. It is also a great expectorant making it useful for coughs, chest infections and asthma.

Ashwagandha is great for stabilizing blood sugar levels, enhancing sexual potency and for strengthening the immune system. It is known in Ayurveda to impart the strength and stamina of a stallion. Most notable are its affects on the brain. This fabulous brain tonic is restorative and rejuvenating, it is a powerful adaptogen helping the body to combat stress, reduce anxiety and depression, improve learning, memory and reaction time while reducing brain cell degeneration.

Ginger is great for the immune system and for easing cold symptoms including relieving nausea, supporting the digestive system and soothing a sore throat making it effective in the treatment of coughs, colic and asthma. It is also anti viral helping to kill harmful bacteria in the throat and gut. It is very warming helping to boost blood circulation, lower blood pressure and thin the blood. It can help to create heat and sweating within the body allowing it to fight a cold effectively. It is also an anti inflammatory and it helps to boost liver health.


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