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A Sunny Morning Beverage!

This morning I woke up and the woodstove had gone out overnight making the house a little chillier then usual. I felt like I needed to be warmed from the inside out and while a nice lemon and ginger would do the trick I felt like something a little different so I made this twist:

In a large teapot I added:

One sliced orange

One finely chopped chilli

An inch or so of finely chopped ginger

Cover with almost boiling water and allow to steep, the longer the more flavourful. Add honey to sweeten as desired and enjoy! And feel free to change the amounts based on your taste, I was planning on sharing with my nearly two year old so I went a little easy on the chilli.

This will be sure to warm you up and keep that digestive fire burning strongly!

It will also help to boost your immune system, which has been the theme of the month if you hadn't noticed.

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