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Spirit Session!

Hello Loves!

I am feeling so excited to share this with you! On Sept 7th, at Sunrise Wellness in Maple Bay I will be holding my very first (not last!) Spirit Session. This will be an event will be as interactive as you wish! I will be offering a meditation guided by spirit though I am sensing it may have to do with grounding and reaching inward as fall is creeping in, I will share Reiki with the group and offer a group message if the Spirit Guides present would like to offer one and then will open up to questions if you want to ask anything! As with all of my energy work my goal is empowerment so while you are welcome to ask questions of any nature (personal, general, about the universe, reiki, spirit guides etc.) or you can just sit and relax while soaking up the good vibes knowing that if you are drawn to come you will get exactly what you need in this moment!

Please RSVP to if you would like to participate as we will be keeping the group small.

Thank you so much!

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