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Fall Offerings

What am I up to this season?

Reiki Classes, Sessions, Spirit Sessions, Psychic Fairs and Christmas Craft Fairs: Here is where you can catch me:

Oct. 21st: Sol Centre Psychic Fair 11-4 pm

Oct. 28th: Reiki Two 10-3 pm (2 classes)

Nov. 2nd: Spirit Session 7-9 pm

Nov. 4th: Reiki Two 10-3 pm (2nd class)

Nov. 10th: Lake Cowichan Holiday Market 10-3 pm

Nov. 17th: Honeymoon Bay Christmas Craft Fair 10-3 pm

Nov. 24th: Youbou Christmas Craft Fair 10-2 pm

TBA: Glenora Farms Christmas Fair

Ofcourse you can always purchase any herbal goodies through the site or request a local delivery :)

For a little Reiki/Energy Love from my heart to yours please keep scrolling:

Well, Fall has settled in and I'm sure you are all feeling the affects of the current energy shift that began in September. This one is undeniable and you are likely feeling its affects or if you are lucky enough not to be, theres a good chance you are seeing it in those around you. In the effort to shift our consciousness in a positive way we often experience things that can feel disturbing, it brings forth anything that we need to heal and process in an effort to help us grow. You may be experiencing strong emotions, challenges in your relationships and/ or communications, strong physical sensations like waves of energy, even lightness or dizziness and other strange sensations or more familiar like changes in sleep patterns (sleeping lots, not being able to sleep) changes in appetite, and mood.

The good news is we are half way through, it should ease up around the beginning of December and the other good news is that rather then fear times like this, celebrate! I know that healing and growing is often uncomfortable but once we are on the other side, its usually pretty great.

Healing may not be pretty, but the results are completely beautiful.

So what can we do to find more ease while in this transitional phase?

Radical Self Care.

Embrace it all, feel the feelings, let the energy flow. Come into presence and into your body often. Spend time in nature. Move in your favourite way (Yoga, Jogging, Hiking, Dancing etc.) even better if its outside. Hug a tree, Put your bare feet on the earth, Breathe, Journal it out, Drink plenty of water, Eat fruits and vegetables and a bit of dark chocolate ;) Create Art, Create Anything! Autumn activates our Sacral Chakra which is our centre of creativity and sexuality so find healthy and safe ways to express yourself FULLY. Love yourself and be kind to yourself, know that whatever you are feeling is ok. Even if it doesn't feel ok, it will be.

xoxo, from my heart to yours


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