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Leaving the victim consciousness in 2019!

I’ve been receiving so much during this time of quiet. One of the biggest things is about all of what we have been experiencing this year. I know it has been said over and over that we all faced a lot of challenges this year. It was a wild ride teaching us so much about ourselves, those around us and about the universe itself. At times it may have felt unfair, at times it may have felt unbearable. But here’s the thing-

All of what happened this year and leading up to it; all of it, happened to remind you that you are not a victim.

It all happened so that you could see the life you created, so that you could break it down and so that now you can rebuild it accordingly. Because you are the all powerful creator of your life.

It is time to drop any remaining victim consciousness, step into the place of power that has been waiting for you as your birthright and create the life you want. The life you deserve. It’s time. It’s time to repair, rebuild and to create.

You got this!

Love, Tiff


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